05 December, 2018

This is how the Care Advice Centre can help you

  • Making sure you are ready for hospital discharge
  • Assistance to find care home/ care at home
  • Applying for benefits, including Attendance Allowance (AA), NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC), Personal Independent Payment (PIP)
  • Certificate Provider for Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Mental Capacity Assessments
  • Pre-paid funeral plans

Call us on 07766490473 or email info@care-advice-centre.co.uk

03 December, 2018

The varying roles of an Independent Social Worker

The Care Advice Centre was established in 2011 due to a growing demand for the services of Independent Social Workers.  The need for our services is increasing for several reasons.  Firstly, Local Authorities across England face their budgets being cut whilst at the same time there are increasing demands on their services.  Therefor the Local Authority has less capacity to support clients who are deemed as ‘privately funded’.  Independent Social Workers have the experience, knowledge and time to support these clients with finding the right care and support for them, whether in the community or residential settings.

Secondly, there is an increasing need for Certificate Providers for Lasting Powers of Attorney applications.  Independent Social Workers can provide this service.  It is beneficial to have a Certificate Provider to prevent the Lasting Power of Attorney being challenged at a later date.  If a person has lost capacity to make a Lasting Power of Attorney, then Independent Social Workers can complete the capacity assessment required to make the application to the Court of Protection to grant deputyship to a person.

Thirdly, there continues to be a lack of knowledge and support to people with the application for NHS Continuing Healthcare.  Independent Social Workers are experienced in the application for this funding stream and are able to support with appealing outcomes.  If you awarded NHS Continuing Healthcare then your care and support needs could be funded entirely by the NHS, in the community or a residential placement.

Fourthly, with the changing demographics of the population and families no longer living near to each other, many individuals do not have the opportunity to see loved ones regularly.  Independent Social Workers can provide a visiting service or regular reviews to ensure their wellbeing.

Fifthly, Independent Social Workers can help to maximise a person’s income by advising on benefit entitlement and supporting with their application.

As Independent Social Workers we are also asked to complete expert reports for solicitors and use our experience of adult social care to support with insurance claims or immigration disputes.

With over 20 years’ experience within adult social care, the Care Advice Service provides an Independent Social Work service that can be trusted.

Please contact the Care Advice Centre on 07764480565

23 June, 2018

Getting affairs in order

Hopefully your parents will have made a Lasting Power of Attorney and will have made a Will. If not, it is very important to get these documents in place as soon as possible. Elderly parents can find discussing these subjects quite difficult and they might refuse point blank to even consider them! It might help if you can offer some examples of how helpful having these documents in place can be. Give a couple of scenarios where it would be difficult for you to act for them without a Lasting Power of Attorney in place and also how important it is for them to make a Will so that their wishes are followed after death. Keep talking and hopefully they will see that this makes sense.

18 June, 2018

Facing denial, anger and frustration

People who are losing control and independence over their life will be feeling scared and frustrated, which can result to angry outbursts. Try to keep calm and don’t resort to arguing. It is sometimes a good idea to introduce someone as a befriender first, someone who can help a little around the house and take your parent out for a coffee. It will be helpful for your parent to build up a relationship with a potential carer first and this is a useful way to find out how your parent is really feeling and coping  

16 June, 2018

Lets Talk

Sitting down with your parent and trying to open a conversation about how they are managing can be tricky.  Try making a list of things they are struggling with together and let them take the lead. Offer some solutions, maybe a cleaner or a gardener will take the pressure off. Start slowly, and try to imagine how scary it must feel to have to face the fact that you are not coping as well as you used to.

Above all, be patient.

14 June, 2018

What do you do if you know your parent is not coping but they don’t agree?

This is a very sensitive situation.  After all, how would you feel if you felt your independence was at risk? It is important not to point out problems as this will may make them feel worse and become defensive.  Try to offer more support and strategies to make their life easier.  This is not always easy, particularly now most of us are juggling work and families, as well as elderly parents.

23 March, 2018

Great news from Independent Review Panel

In 2015 a client contacted me when his wife's NHS continuing healthcare funding was reviewed and taken away, he asked for help with an appeal. The CCG upheld their decision and I asked NHS England to look at the case. I believed that Mrs N continued to meet the criteria for 100% funding - she had not improved, in fact she had deteriorated significantly. NHS England organised an Independent Review Panel which took place in January this year. I heard this week that the IRP's recommendation is that the CCG's decision was unsound and that Mrs N was in fact eligible for 100% funding. We look forward to a repayment of 3 years care fees plus interest.

28 February, 2018

Having a snow day

Having a snow day at home today and spending some time reflecting on some recent cases. So many people contact me for help to understand  the complexities of social/nhs care - why is it so difficult?  I took a call this morning from a lady from Leicester who is beside herself with worry, her mum who suffers from dementia is in hospital and her care home are refusing to take her back, as her needs have increased. The hospital are pushing for discharge and the poor daughter is desperately trying to find a care home, which is suitable, meets the LA rates and nearby (as she doesn't drive). Social Services are telling her that the social worker that had been managing her mums case, has now closed the file. This is why I left social services and became an independent care advisor.

14 February, 2018

Should we think more about the future?

We are all so busy living our lives and perhaps neglect to think about the future.  If you find you are suddenly needing to think about care, maybe for yourself or someone else, some independent care advice can really help. The information that you will need to find out about and understand can be overwhelming...and that is without considering the emotions and possible financial issues.  We at The Care Advice Centre can help during these times. Having support to explore your options and help you to put things in place can be extremely reassuring.
Call us on 07766490473 for a chat about how we can help you or drop us an email on info@care-advice-centre.co.uk