01 June, 2020

The Care Advice Centre - Who we are and what we do

The Care Advice Centre was established in 2011 by qualified social worker Aleisha White.  In 2018 Anna Callow joined the company as it expanded due to the growing need for Care and Advice services.

Anna qualified with a Masters in Social Work in 2006 and worked within Local Authority Adult Teams since this time, being promoted to Senior Practitioner.  She is also a Practice Educator for trainee Social Workers. 

In April 2019 Anna became Director of the Care Advice Centre and was joined by Pamela Chavi in March 2020.

As Independent Social Workers (ISW) we have the knowledge and skills to support people who require our expertise within the care sector.  Choosing an ISW with this level of experience is crucial to ensuring competent advice and assessments.  Our ISW all have high levels of expertise in this field, which sets us apart within this sector.

Some of the services the Care Advice Centre provide are:

·         Advising, assessing for and arranging care and support in the community or residential placements

·         Support with hospital discharges

·         Support with hospital discharges under the Mental Health Act and support at tribunals

·         Support with benefit applications

·         Review of care and support needs

·         Visiting services

·         Certificate providers for Lasting Powers of Attorney (completed within 7 days of referral)

·         COP3 and mental capacity assessments (completed within 7 days of referral)

·         Applications for NHS and Continuing Healthcare and support with appeals

·         Case management

·         Expert witness reports

·         Training

We are happy to have a chat with clients and offer free advice during that first contact.  A client recently was so grateful for the advice we gave, and shocked that this was free of charge, he made a generous donation to a charity on our behalf. 

If we can be of help to you, please contact us on 07764480565 or 07572 954722.

05 March, 2020

Welfare Benefits

We often meet carers at our free events, who speak of the difficulties they face when trying to apply for their loved ones to receive a welfare benefit.  For example, applications for Personal Independence Payments, Employment Support Allowance or Attendance Allowance.

The application forms are lengthy, can be confusing and it is difficult for people making an application to know what information to give.  You can gain advice online or in some areas the Citizens Advice Bureau may help you to complete the form.

The Care Advice Centre are experienced in making applications for these benefits.  We can attend your home and complete the application with you.  It is beneficial to have an Independent Social Worker to assist with your application.  The Care Advice Centre supported a young lady with an application for Personal Independence Payments recently.  She has mental health needs and acute anxieties which means she finds it very difficult to meet new people and talk about her care needs.  I completed the application form with her and documented her daily needs.  An assessor from the Department of Work and Pensions contacted the Independent Social Worker directly.  As they were able to detail the client’s needs, the DWP agreed that the young lady would not need to have a face-to-face interview and she was awarded the benefit.

The Care Advice Centre offers a review service which is popular with financial affairs Deputy’s appointed by the Court of Protection.  We can advise on whether the client is in receipt of the correct benefits and provide a care and support review to ensure their care is meeting their needs.  Within this review we will consider their eligibility for other funding streams, for example through NHS Continuing Healthcare.

If you require advice on welfare benefits, your entitlement or require help to complete an application, please contact the Care Advice Centre on 07764480565.