04 April, 2019

Hospital Discharges

I spent last weekend in hospital with my mother when she collapsed and went unconscious in our local supermarket.  She had a pacemaker fitted ten days ago.  We all expected that she would not have any more of these episodes once she had undergone the surgery…so what went wrong?

This event made me think about the experiences my clients have when their loved ones are admitted to hospital.

Having a family member in hospital can be a daunting, scary and confusing experience.  It is often difficult to get information from the busy hospital staff.   Finding out if they have received input from the different medical teams and therapists can be a battle.

If your loved one requires care and support to enable a safe discharge back home or to a new placement like a residential home, finding the right information and understanding the process can be difficult.  What equipment will be needed?  Will my medications have changed? What support will I require?  How much will the support cost?  How do I find a care agency? Do I need to look for a residential home, dementia registered home, nursing home or specialist setting?  Am I receiving the right benefits? Am I eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare?

The Care Advice Centre are Independent Social Workers with years of experience working within adult social care and supporting hospital discharges.  We can help you through this difficult and confusing time.  Please contact us on 07764480565 if you require support.