17 January, 2019

The Care Advice Centre - who we are and what we do!

As we start the new year, just a quick reminder about who we are and what we do.

The Care Advice Centre was established in 2011 by qualified social worker Aleisha White.  In 2018 Anna Callow joined the business as it expanded due to the growing need for Care and Advice services.

Anna qualified with a Masters in Social Work in 2006 and has worked within Local Authority Adult Teams since this time, being promoted to Senior Practitioner.  Anna is also a Practice Educator for trainee Social Workers.

As Independent Social Workers (ISW) we have the knowledge and skills to support people who require our expertise within the care sector.  Choosing an ISW with this level of experience is crucial to ensuring competent advice and assessments.

Some of our services include:
• Advising, assessing for an arranging care and support in the community or residential placements
• Support with benefit applications
• Certificate providers for LPA
• COP3 and mental capacity assessments
• Applications for NHS and Continuing Healthcare and support with appeals
• Case management
• Expert witness

If we can be of help to you please contact us on 07764480565.

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